Phenomenological viewpoint of art is for me a survival technique. Realizing my art, the world for that matter, is filtered through my likes and dislikes, biases and prejudices has formed my philosophy of art and life.

The only world that an artist makes is a world where objects have their own special meanings to that artist and that may have an entirely different meaning to the viewer. Influenced by up-bringing, education, culture, and many other factors each person sees the world uniquely.

 My art is MY art. It is my world view and filtered by interactions and interpretations of the world of things, ideas and words. The viewer of my art also brings their background and philosophies. You may find a connection you like and enjoy my art or you my not. My goal as an artist is conceive the art and be able to effectively present it as a view of my life's experiences.
Artist Statement
The 'Neutral Gray Gallery' is an actual physical place, a shop/gallery. If you like to visit the gallery it is in Chico, California or if you have a question about my art then cut, paste and e-mail me at:
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Ring rolling steel for outdoor sculpture 'Century Agave'